What is the Purpose

  1. Inspired by the Dutch non profit organization https://www.vox- pop.org, the team from www.trustos.org is presenting tChat. This is a platform which gives participants the opportunity to be matched and chat with someone who has a complete opposite opinion. After choosing one of the 4 political preferences below you will be matched with someone of a different political preference. Based on some the statements (themes) which are currently causing polarization in our society, both participants can have an anonymous chat and debate.

  2. Your privacy is our highest priority. Therefore, there is no need to give us any personal data at all. There is no need to register – you can use a pseudonym. Your opinion cannot be traced to any person. Although tChat is being set up in connection to trustos.org, there is no need to signup or to register with www.trustos.org. However, if you chose the option to register and login with www.trustos.org you can be rewarded from your chat partner with trustos – the currency of trust - at the end of the chat.

  3. The idea of tChat is to challenge opinion bubbles in our society which drive the increasing polarization, but instead to focus on the common good even among different opinions, to build bridges and to find strength in diversity.

  4. tChat is set up to feed into the idea of ‘trust as a currency’ – as outlined on www.trustos.org. However tChat does function completely independent and the login or signup with www.trustos.org is completely optional.

How it Works

  1. First, you have the option to sign up with trustos.org or if you are already a member to login in trustos.org before you chose one of the 4 political preferences to start tChat. Otherwise, skip this option and move on and click on one of the 4 political preferences as seen in below to start tChat. You have the option to signup or to login with trustos.org each time you join tChat.

  2. Then you have to put in your name or pseudonym into the window popping up and agree with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy /cookies. You can disable the cookies in your browser if you prefer.

  3. You will then see how many participants are currently in the chat room which will determine how long it will last to be matched randomly with a chat partner.

  4. As soon as you are matched one of the statements for debate will appear. You can choose on a between ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’. If your chat partner will have the same opinion you can change the statement for debate. The chat can start any time.

  5. You can exit the chat at any time and the chat data including the IPO address will be deleted – no data will be stored.

  6. The participants ought to self police each other – tChat does not tolerate scolding, threatening, spamming, advertising or any other misuse. Any misuse can be flagged by the participants with the consequence that the participant’s IPO address might be banned for 1 month from the platform.

  7. If you are a member of the www.trustos.org community and you decide to log in as a member, your name of choosing in the chat will be marked with the trustos symbol. At the end of the chat you could be rewarded trustos by your chat partner. If your chat partner also a trustos member the trustos algorithm will apply – otherwise you will receive a fixed number of 500 trustos.


  1. www.tChat.live is a platform presented by www.trustos.org. tChat offers a platform for a chat between two participants of opposite opinions. If there are more participants the matching of two participants is randomly.

  2. The chat will not be stored and will be deleted after the chat has been terminated by one of the participants, or after an hour of inactivity. We cannot read the content of the chat.

  3. The participants will self police each other and flag if there is any misuse of the platform which may include: scolding, threatening, advertising, flooding or any other inappropriate use of tChat. This could result in a ban of the IP address of the participant for one month.

  4. We provide the statements of debate for tChat – which will be adjusted based on the current public situation.

  5. tChat is not responsible for the user experience and therefore the use of tChat is entirely at your own risk.

  6. You will have the option to sign up with ww.trustos.org or to login if you are a trustos member. This offers the opportunity to receive trustos as a recognition for your interaction from your chat participant. If the other participant is not a trustos member there will be a fixe number of 500 trustos as a reward. If both chat participants are trustos members the trustos algorithm will apply.

  7. Dependent on the amount of participants, there is no guarantee that you will be matched with another participant.

  8. Terms of service can be changed at any time. If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]


  1. You can participate without any personal identifier. Your IP address will be deleted one hour after the chat was terminated.

  2. You have the choice to accept cookies, for example for google analytics. Please check further details at the link ‘cookies’ in the left lower corner of the page. If you decide not to accept the ‘cookies’ you need to disable them at your browser settings.

  3. We are not storing the date of the conversation permanently – during the chat the content is stored encrypted temporarily on our server.

  4. To be able to participate at tChat you need to indicate your political preference which is a personal data and we explicitly ask for your permission. However, you do not need to put in any personal identification and there is no need to register. We only save your opinion encrypted temporarily during the chat session – if you are not active for an hour, or if you chose to exit the chat, it will be automatically be deleted.

  5. You can choose your real name or a pseudonym for using tChat. To signup with www.trustos.org and or to log in through www.trustos.org is optional. The personal information you will be asked to register at www.trustos.org please refer to the trustos rules. Only the geographic location and the celebrity status are mandatory (but can also be fake) – all other information are optional.

STEP 1: OPTIONAL Trustos Login / Signup:

Are you a Trustos.org member? If so, you may login now to be able to receive and to give Trustos, the currency of Trust, after the chat. If you are not a Trustos member, you have the option to sign up now. Learn more about trustos.org here. Once you are logged into Trustos, click on one of the 4 political preferences below.

STEP 2: OTHERWISE chose one of the political preferences below.

Statements of Debate


Your political preference, chosen name, gender, possibly additional information and IP address are stored for the duration of your visit to Whykiesjij.nl and are deleted after one hour of inactivity. Your political preference is necessary to be able to connect with someone with a different political preference so that you can talk to each other. Read more in us privacy policy and ours terms and conditions.