Privacy policy

We respect your privacy. To be able to chat on aka Trustos tChat, it is necessary that we (temporarily) process some data. We will delete this data as soon as possible. In this privacy policy we explain which data we process, why and when we remove it again. Do you have questions about this? Mail us at: [email protected]

First of all, who are we? We are a platform that makes it possible to be linked to people with a different political preferences, and to be able to enter into discussion on the basis of statements. 

The data collection takes place in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The content of the conversation, your political preference, gender, (self-chosen) name, any additional data and IP address are collected and deleted after one hour of inactivity. Also functional, social media and Google Analytics cookies are placed. Below we inform you about the collection of these data, their processing and the retention periods. As soon as you visit our website you will be asked for permission to place cookies. If you want to participate in a call, you will be asked for permission for the data that is collected. By checking the box you consent to the processing of the data in accordance with this privacy policy.


  1. Content of the conversation

It is important to know that we do not store the content of your conversation permanently or can not read it. The chat in which you are active is temporarily stored encrypted on the server. This way we can restore your chat if, for example, you change the page (by mistake). All chat data is deleted after one hour of inactivity.


  1. Political preference

You are linked to someone with a different political preference to be able to chat. It is imperative that you indicate your political preference to choose someone with a different political preference for you to talk to. Your political preference is a special personal data and therefore we ask your explicit permission beforehand. We only save your political preference (encrypted) for the duration of the session. If you have not been active on the site for an hour, we will remove your political preference.


  1. Self-selected name and any additional information

You can choose a name yourself to chat with. This may be your real name, but this is not necessary.


  1. Respect on the forum and IP ban

Because we think it is important that as little data as possible about you is processed to chat on our site, you do not have to create an account. We do, however, find it important that everyone respects each other's opinion during chatting. To ensure that no abuse is made of chatting on our website, it is possible to flag someone. As soon as someone goes too far during chatting by, for example, scolding, discriminating, advertising or displaying inappropriate information, you can report this. The IP address of the relevant user is then saved. If this happens three times, the user will be denied access to the platform (a so - called IP ban)). After three months we will remove the IP address of this user again. The self-chosen name, additional data or political preference are not saved.

So your IP address, along with your political preference, your encrypted name, and active chat call is stored encrypted on our server. All of this will be removed as soon as you have not been active for one hour. An exception to this is your IP address: if you have broken the rules and another user has reported this, your IP address will be stored for a maximum of three months.


  1. Cookies

During your visit, cookies are placed on your computer. Cookies are small text files from which information can be read.


5.1 Functional cookies

With the help of a session cookie ('PHPSESSID') the server can recognize you for the duration of the use of the website. This means that you will not be linked to the same person three times to chat with. After your visit the website, the cookie is deleted. The value of the cookie is a random string.

In addition, we place three cookies ('_wkj', '_wkjf', '_wkju') to ensure that you can only send messages to the person you are currently chatting with (and vice versa). These cookies contain encrypted data.

We also use a cookie ('cb-enabled') to keep track of whether you have already accepted our cookie notification. This way we only have to show this message to you once. The cookie remains active for 1 year. The value of this cookie is initially 'enabled' and becomes 'accepted' when you accept the cookie notification.

To make our website work as well and quickly as possible, we use CloudFlare. They place a cookie ('__cfduid') to guarantee safety for the user. The cookie contains a random string and no personal information.


5.2 Social media in cookies

It is also possible to share something on social media after a conversation, such as 'I have just talked to someone from D66 on our site. That is why there are social media buttons on our website. Cookies are also placed on your computer for this. These cookies are not placed or read by us. The relevant social media provider reads these cookies and we have no insight and no control over this. For more information about the social media cookies of the relevant websites, we refer you to their policy: Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn .


5.3 Google Analytics en cookies

We use Google Analytics to keep track of website statistics. This allows us to see, for example, how many people have visited our website, how votes are voted on average and how long the calls last on average. This aggregated information is important for us to see how we can improve our website. We only register the final numbers and nothing about your individual conversations. At Google you can opt out of data collection in the context of Google Analytics. Here is the link for this.

Google Analytics places these cookies: We have set up Google Analytics so that your IP address is anonymised immediately upon arrival.


  1. Log files

Like most web servers, our hosting provider, True BV, keeps log files of successful and failed page requests. This saves both the IP address of the user and the visited page. Due to the setup of the application, page requests do not contain any personal information or party preference. These files are saved for 14 days.


  1.  Security measures

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data. Besides that we process as little information as possible from you, we can not see it yourself (except your IP address). Only the person you are chatting with can see this data. The content of your call and the data (except your IP address) are also stored encrypted in the database. The key is not in the database. We also observe strict retention periods by removing the data after one hour of inactivity. Your IP address will only be stored longer (up to three months) if you violate our terms and conditions and this is reported by another user.


  1. Change privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy. Keep an eye on this page to be aware of the latest changes in our policy.