1. You can participate without any personal identifier. Your IP address will be deleted one hour after the chat was terminated.

  2. You have the choice to accept cookies, for example for google analytics. Please check further details at the link ‘cookies’ in the left lower corner of the page. If you decide not to accept the ‘cookies’ you need to disable them at your browser settings.

  3. We are not storing the date of the conversation permanently – during the chat the content is stored encrypted temporarily on our server.

  4. To be able to participate at tChat you need to indicate your political preference which is a personal data and we explicitly ask for your permission. However, you do not need to put in any personal identification and there is no need to register. We only save your opinion encrypted temporarily during the chat session – if you are not active for an hour, or if you chose to exit the chat, it will be automatically be deleted.

  5. You can choose your real name or a pseudonym for using tChat. To signup with and or to log in through is optional. The personal information you will be asked to register at please refer to the trustos rules. Only the geographic location and the celebrity status are mandatory (but can also be fake) – all other information are optional.